Hi, my name is Sanshia.

Honestly, I was never a lover of cooking. While living with my mother growing up, I had the luxury of just sitting at the dinner table waiting for the food to be prepared so I could eat. Don’t get me wrong, my mother taught me how to cook, I was just never required to actually cook at home. When I moved in with my father however, my luck ran out. He kept me in the kitchen with him when he cooked and required me to cook as well.

Fast forward a decade…..my husband watches YouTube and comes across a video about Dr. Sebi and his lectures about eating foods to cleanse the body of mucus which in turn cures and prevents all disease in the body. The caveat..it wasn’t just as easy as cutting out meat, seafood, and poultry. You also couldn’t eat every vegetable or fruit. So my husband decided to go on this journey or becoming his healthiest self. And guess who’s job it now was to prepare these meals for his new lifestyle….ME.

It was pretty hard trying to create a meal everyday from what I considered a minimal food list. The first attempt at changing our eating habit was a complete failure to me. Yes, I was able to find some meals from a very few YouTube channels but many of the recipes didn’t appeal to me and didn’t resemble what I was used to eating. Needless to say, our initial venture lasted all but a month, if that. A few months later I decided I wanted to try it again. And this time it’s a success. I simply recreate the foods I loved as a carnivore using only the items on Dr. Sebi’s list.

To help those who want to be a healthier version of their now selves, I am taking you all along my journey with hopes that these recipes will help you transition easier than I did.

Feel free to drop me a love note, suggest recipes you’d like me to recreate using only the items on Dr. Sebi’s list, or even to give me advise and tips that may have helped you in your journey.